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The Geuvadis RNAseq project wiki

Children pages

Data and analysis

  • Analysis
    • Analysis methods, results, etc
  • Samples
    • Information of the samples included in the project, including sample lists for sequencing
  • Protocols
    • Protocols, from cells to fastq files
  • Identifiers and formats
    • Identifiers for samples, genes, variants etc and file formats used in the project
  • Data storage
    • Locations and descriptions of data files found in EBI (ENA/Arrayexpress or FTP site)
    • The Wiki is only for sharing small result files, not actual data
  • Papers
    • Paper outlines

Admin and info

General guidelines

Everyone is encouraged to add material to the wiki as the project moves forward. The aim is to have all the material stored here - even though it might also be distributed by email - so that everyone can always check from the wiki what has been done and how.

This is a wiki, which means that you're free to edit other people's text - judge yourself whether you'll want to keep the old analysis visible or replace it with a new one. Tuuli will keep the right to move pages around if needed to maintain the structure of the wiki. If you object having your content moved to another location, move it back and/or send an email to get it returned.

Please try to have most of the data as wiki text content instead of (in addition to) attachments - it will be easier to view and edit.

Need help?

  • In technical issues, contact Gabrielle (gabrielle.bertier at crg.eu)
  • In scientific questions or comments, contact Tuuli (tuuli.lappalainen at unige.ch).
  • Wiki tests page can be used for testing the wiki
  • Feel free to add content in the Editing help page that you can see on the bottom of the editing window.
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RNAseq Data and Analysis
Admin and info