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1000 Genomes Project - what have been done so farA2 Variant CallingA3 mRNA Variation
ACTION ITEMSASE AnalysisASE basic stats and QC
AdminTestPageAllele specific alternative splicingAllele specific expression
Allelic mapping biasAlternative soft-splicing analysisAlternative splicing analysis
AnalysisAnalysis groupAnalysis group 2011 January 12
Analysis group 2012 April 26Analysis group 2012 April 5Analysis group 2012 August 16
Analysis group 2012 August 23Analysis group 2012 August 30Analysis group 2012 August 9
Analysis group 2012 February 2Analysis group 2012 February 23Analysis group 2012 February 9
Analysis group 2012 January 12Analysis group 2012 July 26Analysis group 2012 June 21
Analysis group 2012 June 7Analysis group 2012 March 22Analysis group 2012 March 8
Analysis group 2012 May 17Analysis group 2012 May 24Analysis group 2012 May 3
Analysis group 2012 October 11Analysis group 2012 October 18Analysis group 2012 October 25
Analysis group 2012 October 4Analysis group 2012 September 13Analysis group 2012 September 20
Analysis group 2012 September 27Analysis planBackground
Barcelona July 2012Basic methodologyBasic miRNA analyses
CategoryCatsCell lines
Contribution of alternative splicing on the between-population transcript variabilityContribution of alternative splicing on the transcript variabilityDNA contamination
Data storageDifferential ExpressionDifferential isoform usage
EBV contaminationEGAENA / Arrayexpress
EQTLEpstein-Barr virus activityExon quantification
Expression level covariatesFTPFTP file upload instructions
Genetic variation dataGeneva April 2012Genotype quality
Geuvadis browserIdentifiers and file formatsIdentifiers and formats
Idetifiers and formatsImputationInter-Individual Variability of Splicing
MRNAMRNA QC statsMRNA Quantification
Main PageMappingMeetings
MiRNA-mRNA interactionNormalization of quantificationsNuclear energy
PapersPartners and contact infoPercentage Splicing Index
Principal InvestigatorsProtocolsPublic
Putative text for the main paperQCQC analysis
QC sample infoQC statsQualitative and quantitative mRNA variation
RNA extraction and QCRNA quality dataRaw data processing
Retrotransposon-derived element quantificationSample sheets for sequencingSample swaps and contamination
SamplesSandbox dataset for testingSequencing
Simple transcript variation measuresSmall RNA QC statsSplice Scores
SplicingSplicing QTL discovery using transcript quantificationsTeleconference minutes
Total RNA bioanalyzer resultsTranscript quantificationTranscriptome QTLs
UNIGEUNIGE bioanalyzerUbiquity vs specificity of gene and isoform expression across populations
Variant annotationVariant identifiersWP4: RNAseq
WP5: ExomeSeqWhole group 2011 May 6Whole group 2011 November 2
Whole group 2011 September 16Whole group 2012 February 14
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